VERVE showcased at two major conferences in June

The recent Movement Disorders Conference in Dublin ( was attended by over 5,000 people, mostly clinical neurologists and Neurophysiologists but also from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Partners from VERVE took the opportunity to showcase the programme and to promote its ambitious aims and goals. Feedback was very positive, and the level of interest was high. Said Richard Reilly (Professor of Neural Engineering, who is part of VERVE and who attended the conference: “It was an important and high-profile event, so raising the profile of the VERVE programme will help us create new collaborators and supporters.”

VERVE was also showcased at the first Joint World Congress of ISPGR (International Society for Posture & Gait Research) and Gait & Mental Function in Trondheim in June ( Again, significant interest was shown in the programme, particularly on its focus on Freezing of Gait and Fear of Falling. VERVE’s aims were of great interest to many of the clinical attendees, who were excited to see such innovative and collaborative research.


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