The VERVE consortium is a group of healthcare specialists, academics and technology companies working in collaboration to determine how best to use gaming technology to provide tools to help suffers from anxiety, fear of falling and other similar conditions.

Together, the partners provide a unique mix of clinical and technical research, practical experience and knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice

The Memory Resource and Research Centre and the COBTeK research unit of CHUN and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis will bring their considerable clinical and research experience in the study and treatment of behavioural and affective (mood) disturbances related to dementia. In particular, they are developing criteria for apathy that are suitable for application in clinical practice and research settings.


philippe-robert Philippe Robert
Tel: +33 4 92 03 47 70
arnaud dechamps Arnaud Dechamps


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As the project is now finished please see the Partners Page for direct contact addresses of individual partners.